The organization should not use alcohols for cleaning or sanitization purpose.

    The cleaning brush and polishing pads should not be made from the hair and skin of HARAM          animals like dog, cat & pigs.

    The ingredient of substance from animal origin should be halal certified. ( Example:-gelatin).

    The synthetic ingredient processed chemically but suspected of using alcohol during           processing (cleaning/crystalysation/filteration) should be halal certified.

    Any processes employeeing fermatation should be properly controlled so that failure donot lead           to formation of ethyle alcohol.

    Precaution should be taken while drawing sample from the batch that vessel taking sample from HALA L product should not be used for Storage or cleaned by any           type of Alcohol.

    There should not be any cross contaimination with non HALAL products ( Air/Water). Separate air and water circulation line should be there.
The IFNAS provide inspection and certification services for HALAL Certification . . . .
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